Corporate email signatures

Create an official LJMU email signature

It is possible to create an "official" university email signature, which can be configured to automatically appear at the bottom of any email that gets sent. Image of LJMU Business Card

Please note: Email signatures are only available using Microsoft Outlook on LMU managed or flexible clients and if using our new Office 2013 Managed Client the signature will also roam with you and be available on any of these new clients using Microsofts UEV. Since December 2014 the Off Campus System now also uses the UEV technology so your signature (as well as many other settings such as mapped drives) now roams with you between all of our Office 2013 clients.

Creating an email signature.

Your email signature is created via an easy to use online form, located in the Corporate Communications site. Simply follow the on screen instructions to create your signature.

Page last modified 13 January 2015.

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