Email address publication advice

If you are advertising a contact email address, for example for admissions queries, you are strongly advised not to use your personal email address. There are a number of reasons why we recommend the use of a "generic" email address, rather than a personal address.
  • By using an appropriate generic address such as, access to that mail address can be given to a group of people. This allows as many people as required to process the messages, and is not dependant on one particular individual being present.
  • If a personal email address is used, only the owner can access this email. Only in very exceptional circumstances is access given to someone else’s personal mailbox.
  • If an individual’s username was advertised, and that person left LJMU, not only would any emails sent be unavailable, any advertisements published would also be incorrect and need replacing.
  • A generic email address, such as is much easier for people to remember than an individuals address.

For further advice and assistance please contact the IT Services (ITS) Helpdesk on x5555 or email

ITS will in most cases setup additional email addresses for groups or users. 


Page last modified 13 January 2015.

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