Out of Office autoreplies

Inform people when you're out of the office

Out of office autoreplies

When you are going to be away for more than a few days, you can set Microsoft Office Outlook to automatically reply to email messages sent to you during your absence. Using this facility you can acknowledge receipt of the message, and advise the sender when you will be back at work and able to respond to their message.


You can specify a time range when you want these replies to start and end. You can also set whether you want your message to be sent to external or internal recipients only or both.

Out of Office replies - Security Guidance.

As external emails receive an out of office reply, your absence details will be accessible to third parties outside of the university. Theoretically, this information in the out of office reply could be cross referenced with information, publicly available, to determine personal details associated with the email address, such as phone numbers, home addresses and so on.

IT Services recommend the following when composing an out of office reply:

  • Never say specifically you are going on holiday
  •  Never include your home address
  •  Never include personal contact details, such as home phone number, mobile number etc
  •  Keep the information generic, and whenever possible, redirect enquiries to a colleague

Setting up Out of Office replies using Microsoft Outlook.

Use this method from any LJMU PC Running Microsoft Outlook.

On a LJMU Managed PC open Microsoft Outlook.

Click on file, then click on the automatic replies button, it appears in your list going down the middle of the page.

Click on the Send automatic replies button.

If you only want to send replies during a specific time range tick the box:

Only send during this time range and adjust the time range. If you want replies to occur all the time leave this box unchecked.

By default outlook is set to only send out of office messages to people inside your organization, if you want to reply to external messages as well, click on the outside my Organization tab and tick the box:

Auto reply to people outside my organization


You can limit this to only contacts you know or to anyone outside.

You can create a different reply message for outside contacts or simply copy and paste the message from your inside organization tab and paste it into your outside reply.


Setting up Out of Office replies using Outlook Web App

Use this method to set up your Out of office reply from any internet enabled PC using Outlook Web Access.

Using your web browser:

From the LJMU Staff Home Page select Email

Log On using your LJMU username and password as normal (Your password is CASE SENSITIVE) - You will now be logged in to your email via an Outlook style interface.

In the toolbar running across the top of the page, click on options, set automatic replies.


You will be presented with the following window. The layout is the same as using full outlook, you can decide whether you want to reply to both inside and outside your organization.

Page last modified 06 March 2015.

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