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Important Changes to the eduroam wireless network - 16/01/18

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The server that verifies your username and password when you connect to eduroam has a security certificate that is due to expire soon.  The certificate will be replaced on Tuesday 16th January 2018, and to continue accessing eduroam after that, you will need to take the following steps to obtain the new certificate on your mobile device(s):

1. You will need to remove all settings for the eduroam network currently stored on your device(s). To do this follow the instructions below for the device you have:

  1. Smartphone - you will need to go into “settings” and then “Wi-Fi”, select the “Eduroam” connection and then “Forget this Network”. Please Note, if you do not have the option to "forget this network" you will need to go to "settings", "general", "profiles", select "eduroam" and then "Delete Profile". You will then be able to complete the above steps to "Forget the Network".
  2. Macbook you will need to click on the “wireless icon”, click on “network preferences”, highlight “Wi-Fi” on the left and then click “advanced” at the bottom of the “Wi-fi pane”. In the next window you will need to highlight “eduroam” and then click the “-“.  Please Note, if you do not have the option to delete eduroam  you will need to go to "settings" from the taskbar, select "profiles", select "eduroam" and then select the "-". You will then be able to complete the above steps to delete the network.
  3. Windows 7 Device -  you will need to right click on the “wireless icon” on the “Taskbar”, select “Open Network and Sharing Center”, click on “Manage Wireless Networks”, select the “eduroam” network from the list and then click “remove” from the options at the top.
  4. Windows 8 Device - you can either left click on the “wireless icon” and then select “View Connection Settings” or access the Metro Screen, click on “PC Settings” and select “Network”. Whichever route you choose you will then be able to select “Manage Known Networks”. On the next window click on “eduroam” and, when prompted, select “Forget”.
  5. Windows 10 Device - left click on the “wireless icon” and then select “Network Settings”, then ensure “Wi-Fi” is selected from the left hand menu. In the right hand pane click “Manage Wi-Fi Settings”. In the next window select “eduroam” from under “Manage Known Networks” and click “forget”.
  6. Apple Devices - you need to do the following to delete the Eduroam Profile: Go to Settings / General / Profile and then select the “eduroam” profile and “delete profile”. Finally, to re-setup the device with the new certificate, go through the standard process:

2. For Android devices only, you will now need to take an extra step and download the eduroam CAT App  from the Google Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.ac.swansea.eduroamcat); this is used to install the profile from the eduroamCAT web site. NB you only need to perform this step if you are connecting from an Android device.


3. For all devices you will then need to download and run the automatic configuration tool. This has been developed by the eduroam organization and currently supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10; Apple OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite; Linux Android, KitKat and Lollipop, and Apple iOS mobile devices. You can access this configuration tool in one of two ways:

Connect to the “LJMUsetup” wifi network. On apple devices this should autolaunch the “eduroamCAT” tool. Select to download the installer and click “Install” (to install the new QuoVadis root Certificate). Finally enter you username in the following formatusername@ljmu.ac.uk and password when requested.  Certificate is now installed and you should be able to connect successfully to eduroam.


4. From this point on you simply need to follow the on screen instructions to continue setting up.

Please note that when prompted for your username, you will need to enter your LJMU username followed by @ljmu.ac.uk e.g.
ITSATEST@ljmu.ac.uk. The password will be your current LJMU password.


NOTE: Some devices are not redirecting to the eduroamCAT Tool and are just displaying a blank page web page. If this happens please use the following link to force the device to connect to the setup portal.


(NB it is “jmu”.ac.uk and not “ljmu.ac.uk)


eduroam Wireless Network

The wireless network for students and staff at LJMU is called Eduroam. By configuring your WiFi enabled device to use Eduroam, you will be able to automatically connect to the Eduroam network at any participating institution. A full list of Eduroam partners is available on the JANET eduroam support pages.


Liverpool John Moores University Users

Eduroam will provide you with wireless Internet access. You will also be able to access additional LJMU services and electronic journals via the Off Campus Applications Service.

Configuration instructions

The easiest way to configure your device is to download and run the automatic configuration tool. This has been developed by the eduroam organization and currently supports windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Apple OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite, Linux Android KitKat and Lollipop, and also Apple iOS mobile devices. You can access the configuration tool by using the QR code or URL below.

eduroam QR code

URL https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=289&profile=418

Note:    Your username must be entered in the username@ljmu.ac.uk format.


For Android devices you will need to download eduroam CAT App from the Google Play store, this is used to install the profile from eduroamCAT web site.


Terms & Conditions

In order to use the service you will be required to agree to the Terms & Conditions set out in

IT Services Conditions of Use and the JANET Roaming Policy


Before you leave LJMU

You can check whether the institution you are visiting participates in eduroam. There is also a eduroam Companion App which you can install which will show you your nearest eduroam wireless network. This is available for both iPhone and Android.

Note that when you use eduroam at another organisation you are bound by IT Services Conditions of Use, the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and any terms and conditions of the organization you are visiting. Breach of any of these policies could result in disciplinary procedures.

Make sure you have configured, and checked, your system. We strongly advise the use of the eduroamCAT tool.


Visitors to Liverpool John Moores University

The University IT Services offers Eduroam (JANET Roaming Service) at JRS 3, supporting WPA2 AES with public IP addresses and not IPv6 support.

Visitors need to make sure that they arrive with their wireless configuration set up (or that they can do so by contacting their home institution). Note that you are bound by your home organization’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), the JANET AUP and LJMU AUP, and that breach of the AUP could result in disciplinary procedures at your home site.


For support please call into one of the LJMU Libraries or call on (0151) 231-3179.

Page last modified 16 January 2018.

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