Network Access Control

All computers connected to the LJMU network need to be registered, and need to meet certain standards in order to be allowed access. All PLN managed clients will already have been registered on the network, however, if you wish to connect a computer to the network yourself, you will need to go through the following registration process. If patched and up-to-date, the process is quite simple and should only take a couple of minutes.

NB: The current Network Access Control policy which describes the minimum standards that your computer needs to meet are available on the JMU web-site.

  1. Network Registration PageConnect the PC to the network, and open a web browser. You will automatically be redirected to the Network Registration Page (shown right).
  2. Click the Continue button - you will be redirected to the L JMU’s Acceptable Network Usage Policy.
  3. Use the scroll bar on the window to scroll through the Acceptable Network Usage Policy - when you have finished reading this, click on the I Agree button if you wish to continue.
  4. The next screen (shown below right) prompts you to enter your LJMU username and password. Note: You must be a member of LJMU staff in order to register a computer on the network.
  5. When prompted to download the security agent, save this to your desktop, and then double-click on this application to run it.
    The security agent will scan your computer to ensure that it meets our current security policy (i.e. You are using a supported operating system and have an up to date virus checker installed).

Registering your computer screenshot

If your computer meets the security policy.

  • A Registration Complete message will be displayed and your computer will be re-assigned onto a valid network.

If your computer does not meet the security policy

  • A screen will appear indicating why your computer failed the test. You will still be able to connect to certain web sites such as Microsoft Update and Anti-virus vendors web sites in order to resolve your problem. After resolving your problem, simply re-run the security agent again by double clicking the icon on your desktop.

Note: Once you have successfully passed the security test, the agent will be deleted from your desktop.

Page last modified 19 September 2011.

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