Computing Entitlements

Use of the University computing facilities is subject to adherence to the terms and conditions of computer use, good practise guidance and the operational policies defined by IT Services. These can be found on the ITS Regulations, Procedures and Policies pages.

Your computing account

You are entitled to a computer account as soon as you become a member of  LJMU. Your account is operable until you cease to be a member of the University. For further information please see When does my account expire?

Account definition

Your account is defined as follows:

You are defined as a member of staff if your details are recorded in the People and Organisational Development System (Staff InfoBase). All costs arising from use of the University's printing facilities will be charged to your faculty or department.

You are defined as a student if your details are recorded in the Student Information System (SIS) as being registered for a Programme of Study at LJMU. You must meet any charges incurred as a result of using the printing facilities.

Your entitlements

You are provided with an account, accessed via a username and password, which enables you to log on to the LJMU network to access the following:

Usage Limitations

  • The extent to which some entitlements can be used is restricted by quotas which are assigned at a level determined by the category of user
  • Your ability to utilise the full extent of an allocated quota is subject to the overall availability of disk space
  • The contents of your personal file store and email store are retained until your account is terminated, except in exceptional circumstances dictated by operational necessity
  • It is your responsibility to manage the content of your filestore and email store appropriately.

Personal Filestore (M Drive)

  • Your default filestore quota (M Drive) as a member of staff or a student is 4Gb.

Email Storage

  • If you are a student, the default is 250Mb. If you are a member of Staff the default is 500mb.


Page last modified 26 September 2016.

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