Setting security questions and answers

Why do we use security Q&As ?


As part of the IT Services commitment to maximising the security of your computing account, we use security questions and answers (Q&As) which are associated with your computing account. You won't need to use them every time you log in to an LJMU computer. However, should you telephone either Library Services, or the IT Services Helpdesk regarding your computing account, you'll need them as a method of confirming your identity. You'll also need them if you forget your password, and use the online application to change it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I set my security Q&As?

There are two places where you can set your security Q&As - if you're a new user you'll set them when you activate your account. Existing users can set their security Q&As by using the Create / Change your security Q&As on the My LJMU Account pages 

How can I change my Security Q&As?

I have forgotten both my password and Q&As, what do I do?

  • If you are able to visit the University, take your University ID Card to the Student Zone in any of the University Libraries. See for the location of your nearest Library). If you are not able to visit the University, call Library Services on 0151 231 3179 during normal office hours.

Will I be told a password over the telephone?

  • No. Your account will be reset and you will have to visit My LJMU Account pages and click on Activate My Account

Will I need my security Q&As to log faults with my PC (staff only)?

  • No

Will I need my security Q&As for anything else?

  • Your security Q&As will only be required if support staff need to confirm your identity to perform security functions such as resetting your account when you are not present at a Computer Support Desk. You will not require your security Q&As to log faults or get general user support.

Useful account security advice.

  • Keep your security Q&As as secure as your password.
  • Don't tell other people what your Q&As are, and never write them down.

Page last modified 16 September 2015.

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