REC Meeting Dates

These submission deadlines are for ethics applications that require full ethical review. Ethics application for proportionate review can be submitted at any time. For further information, please visit

Deadlines and meeting dates for applications submitted for full review

Submission deadlines (pre-screening of applications, undertaken by the chair)

Meeting Dates


Wed 5th Sept’18

Thurs 20th Sept’18

Meeting - Induction week

Wed 17 Oct’18

Thurs 1st Nov’18

Meeting - Week 6

Wed 28th Nov’18

Thurs 13th Dec’18

Meeting – Week 12 (final teaching week of 2018)

Wed 23 Jan’19

Thurs 7th Feb’19

Meeting – week 20

Wed 27 Feb’19

Thurs 14th March’19

Meeting – week 25

Wed 27 March’19

Thurs 11th April’19

Meeting - week 29

Wed 24th April’19

Thurs 9th May’19

Meeting – week 33

Wed 5 June’19

Thurs 20 June’19


Mon 1 July’19

Tuesday 16 July’19

Meeting – week before the school holidays




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