Researcher Development Programme (RDP) 2018-19

This page lists workshops run through the Doctoral Academy’s Researcher Development Programme. The listings are mapped to the relevant Researcher Development Framework domain.

Click on the dates to find out more about each event and to book a place. If there is no link, bookings are not yet open. Please note that bookings for 2019 workshops will open in December 2018.
You can also view available sessions chronologically on the Doctoral Academy Event Brite page

You can find supporting materials for the workshops, along with the online ethics module, on the Canvas Researcher Development site.

You will receive regular email updates about forthcoming training, and you can also follow us on twitter: @LJMU_PGRs. For any queries, please contact Victoria Sheppard: or Jo McKeon

A: Knowledge and Intellectual abilities

Workshop PGR stage aimed at Date and Time
Introduction to SAGE Research Methods Online Early stage PGRs Wednesday 17 October, 10-11
Thursday 21 February, 11-12
Strategic searching for researchers Early Thursday 18 October, 2-4pm
Tuesday 19 February, 10-12pm
EndNote Early

Friday 19 October, 10-11.30

Monday 4th March, 10-12

Getting to grips with method and methodology Early Tuesday 13 November, 10-12
Tuesday 2 April, 10-12
Focus group skills for researchers Early/mid Tuesday 13 November, 2-4pm
Interviewing for research Early/mid Tuesday 2 April, 2-4pm
Speed reading, memory and mindmapping Early/mid Tuesday 22 January, 9.30-4.30pm
Vitae resources on Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities All Online. Register using your LJMU email address


B: Personal Effectiveness


Workshop PGR stage aimed at Date and Time
Effective Researcher: Getting Started with your
early Thursday 18 October, 9.30-12.30pm
Monday 25th March, 9.30-12.30pm
Managing your research project early Friday 7 December, 10-12
Thursday 4 April, 10-12
The seven secrets of highly effective research students early Tuesday 5 March, 10-12.30pm
The imposter syndrome all

Tuesday 5 March, 2-3pm

Academic and non-academic CVs Mid/late Wednesday 24 October, 2-3.30pm
Wednesday 20th February, 2- 3pm
Applying for jobs inside and outside of academia Mid/late

Wednesday 7 November, 2-3.30pm
Wednesday 27th February, 2-3pm

Interview skills for getting a job Mid/late Wednesday 21 November, 2-3.30pm
Careers drop-ins for PGRs Mid/late Every Tuesday, 1.30pm-3.30pm in the Byrom Street Careers zone and every Wednesday, 1.30pm-3.30pm in the Aldham Robarts Careers Zone.
Plan your final year Mid Friday 14 June, 10-1pm
PhD Support Group All First Tuesday of every month, 5.30-7pm, Counselling Services Offices, Aquinas Building
Women in Academia Support Network (#WIASN) All Friday 22 March, 1-2pm
Vitae resources on personal effectiveness All Online. Register using your LJMU email address


C: Research Governance and Organisation


Workshop PGR stage aimed at Date and time
LJMU Research Ethics Training Early Online through Canvas
MPhil to PhD Transfer Workshop Mid Monday 22 October, 10-11.30am
Tuesday 4 December, 2-3.30pm
Thursday 7 February, 2-3.30pm
Tuesday 26 March, 10-11.30am
Tuesday 21 May, 2-3.30pm
Preparing for assessment Late Thursday 1 November, 2-4pm
Tuesday 19 March, 10-12
Viva Survivor Late Tuesday 20 November, 10-1pm
Tuesday 26 February, 10-1pm
26 April, 10-1pm
Funding Study through Grants All Thursday 17 January, 2-5pm
Vitae resources on Research Governance and Organisation All Online. Register using your LJMU email address


D: Engagement, Influence and Impact


Workshop PGR stage aimed at

Date and time

Academic Writing: an introduction (for science and engineering researchers) Mid Tuesday 6 November, 10-1pm
Wednesday 13 March, 10-1pm
Academic Writing: an introduction
(for humanities, arts and social sciences researchers)
Mid Thursday 8 November, 10-1pm
Thursday 14 March, 10-1pm
Intensive writing days All Friday 8 March, 9.30-4pm
Friday 5 April, 9.30-4pm
Then: every first Friday of the month
Enhancing public speaking using improvisational techniques All Thursday 6 December, 2-4pm
Thursday 6 June, 2-4pm
Poster design and presentation Early/mid

Wednesday 14 November, 2-3.30pm
Monday 11 March, 10-11.30
Tuesday 16 March (at I M Marsh), 2-3.30pm
Thursday 11 April, 9.30-11.30

Presentation Skills Mid 2 day course run through LDF: email to book.
24 and 29 January; 2 and 9 July
Three minute thesis workshop Mid Friday 8 February, 10-12
Thursday 7th March, 10-12
Wednesday 17 April (I M Marsh), 10-12
Brilliant Club information webinars All Monday 8 October, 2-3pm. Join online meeting here.
Tuesday 23 October, 2-3pm. Join online meeting here.
Monday 12 November, 2-3pm. Join online meeting here.
Monday 19 November, 3-4pm. Join online meeting here.

Wednesday 3 April, 2-3pm
Wednesday 17 April, 2-3pm
Wednesday 1 May, 2-3pm
Wednesday 29 May, 2-3pm
Wednesday 12 June, 2-3pm
Wednesday 26 June, 2-3pm
To access all webinars go to

Impact and your research Mid/Late Wednesday 30 January, 10-12
Vitae resources on Engagement, Influence and Impact All Online. Register with your LJMU email
ThinkWrite: Your Thesis in 10 Steps All Monday 25 March, 9.15am-4.30pm


Researcher Development Calendar

In addition to the Researcher Development Programme, you can also access training from the Library and the Research Excellence team (the ACTivator programme) to support your research.  This calendar brings together all of the available training.

Click on the titles for more details of each event.

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