Virtual Purse (ViP)

Welcome to the Virtual Purse (ViP) help pages

What is the Virtual Purse?

The Virtual Purse (ViP) is a convenient way of paying for:

  • Library charges (unfortunately, charges associated with lost books cannot be paid using the ViP)
  • Photocopying costs
  • Networked printing

using one account. It is automatically created and connected to your university card and computing account.

How do I use my Virtual Purse?

The Virtual Purse can be topped up:

  • On line via secure web pages, using either debit or credit cards, at any time. Top ups can be by the account holder or a third party.
  • On or Off campus using the web interface.

Whenever you print or photocopy within LJMU, the cost is automatically deducted from your account. In addition, any library charges you may have can also be paid using your ViP account.

What advantages will the Virtual Purse bring?

  • Topping up your acount via the web allows you (or anyone else) to add to your account, wherever and whenever required, not just during Library opening hours.
  • One centralised account is now used to cover printing, copying and library charges, instead of multiple accounts.

Can staff use the Virtual Purse?

  • Yes - the Virtual Purse can be used by staff to pay for library charges. Photocopying and printing costs are not applicable to staff members. Staff can top up their Virtual Purse either online.

Page last modified 31 January 2017.

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