Governor Vacancies

Board of Governors: Vacancies (Voluntary)

To assist with succession planning the Board of Governors is regularly seeking expressions of interests from anyone who may be interested in becoming a Governor.

The University

Liverpool John Moores University is a modern civic university delivering solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.  Firmly established in the city of Liverpool and with ambitious plans to develop a connected village campus in the heart of the city, the University is connected and committed to its local environment.  The University is headed by an effective governing body, which is unambiguously and collectively responsible for overseeing the Institution's activities, determining its future direction and fostering an environment in which the University's mission is achieved and the potential of all learners is maximised.

The Role

The Board of Governors carries responsibility for ensuring the effective management of the University and for planning its future development.  It is made up of individuals drawn from outside the University with experience in the areas of education, finance, business, industry and commerce.  The role of Governor is not salaried, but provides an opportunity to contribute to the development of the University, working with other members of the Board, the Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive and other senior staff.

The University is seeking innovative and dynamic individuals who will share in the University's vision, and play a significant role in the success of the University.  In particular we would like to hear from individuals who have skills, experience and expertise in the following areas:

* Corporate finance/general finance management/banking
* Estates Management & Infrastructure
* Employment and Change Management
* Academic Excellence
* Community Engagement

The Board of Governors is particularly keen to increase its representation of governors from disabled and minority ethnic groups to demonstrate the Board's commitment to upholding equality and diversity and to best reflect the University's inclusive institutional culture.   Applications from disabled and minority ethnic groups will, therefore, be particularly welcomed.  Equally, the Board is committed to achieving a gender balance on the Board and is keen to appoint more women as Governors.  Governors are appointed for a fixed term of 3 years, with the option to serve for a further term.

Further Information

Further information about the responsibilities of Governors and the selection process is available from the Manager, Secretariat Telephone 0151 231 3116 Email:

If you would be interested in becoming a Governor at Liverpool John Moores University, please send your CV, together with a brief statement of what you can bring to the role, to the Manager, Secretariat at the above address.  Alternatively, for an informal discussion please ring the Manager, Secretariat on the above telephone number.

Other information about the role of Governors can be found on the Secretariat webpages at


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